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Welcome to Kids Mistakes, where I'm collecting examples of the writing mistakes kids make for a new book to be published by Sasquatch Books in the spring 2006, tentatively entitled FROM THE PENS OF KIDS. I'm also working on developing a TV game/reality show.

Whether you're a teacher, parent, kid, or teenager, I'm looking for examples of humorous mistakes in writing by kids from 5 to 20 years old -- from elementary school to college.

The mistakes can include anything from misspellings to misusing words to misquoting quotes or using the English language in unusual or inappropriate ways.

These mistakes can also include humorous comments about history, science, math, literature, psychology, philosophical wisdom, politics, and other subjects; excuse notes, fractured grammar, metaphors, and kids from another culture who make mistakes in learning and writing English. For example:

"Atoms are made up of elections."

"To overcome stress, you need to stay clam."

"The most common form of marriage around the world
is monotony."

And now you can see the most recent submissions at the Latest Mistakes.

I also wanted to extend special thanks to the many teachers, parents, and students who have been so kindly spreading the word to others about this project. I have heard back from many enthusiastic contributors, who have learned about the book through their efforts. In fact, some of the contributions have come from all over the world -- most recently from Finland, New Zealand, Israel, and the U.K.

I won't be using any names of the kids, just indicating, where known, their age or grade, gender, and section of the country, and I will crediting everyone who has provided contributions in the credits section in the back of the book. All submissions will also be considered for the TV game/reality show, which will include prizes and TV appearances for anyone whose writing is featured.

I have previously published other books on popular culture with different publishers, such as Can We Talk? on talk shows, and I am an anthropologist whose specialties include popular culture. You can see more about me and other books I have written at my Web sites: or

Can you send in your examples by e-mail to Or send them by mail to: Gini Graham Scott, Kids Mistakes, Changemakers, 6114 La Salle, #358, Oakland, CA 94611. I'll let you know if your submission will be used in the book or on the show.

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